Cellulose Nanocrystals and Jute Fiber-reinforced Natural Rubber Composites: Cure Characteristics and Mechanical Properties


Mat. Res.




A comparative study was conducted for three natural rubber (NR) composites: one containing raw jute fibers, one containing bleached jute fibers, and one containing cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs). The composites were prepared by adding each filler at 5 or 10 phr to the latex before chemical coagulation, and the composites were processed in a two-roll mixing mill. The mechanical, thermal, and vulcanization properties of the prepared composites were then determined. The NR stiffness increased with increasing fiber content, particularly when bleached fibers were added, as evidenced by the increased elastic moduli, maximum torques, glass transition temperature, and crosslinking density. Scanning electron microscopy showed agglomerates in the composite with 10 phr CNCs, which led to poorer mechanical performance compared to that of the bleached fiber-reinforced composite (10 phr). On the other hand, the addition of CNCs to the NR increased the cure rate index, thereby significantly advancing the optimum vulcanization time.

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