Cashew nut-based beverage: development, characteristics and stability during refrigerated storage


Food Sci. Technol




Abstract A cashew nut-based beverage was obtained using broken cashew kernels and its composition and stability were evaluated during refrigerated storage for 60 days. Sensory tests were performed to define the formulation, testing the best proportion between kernels and water, the effect of kernel roasting, the ideal sweetness, the beverage attributes and the sensory acceptance. A cashew nut beverage can be obtained by grinding the kernel with water in the proportion of 1:10 (m/m) with added sugar at 3%, followed by heat treatment at 140ºC for four seconds. The proximate composition was 11.49% total solids, 0.26% ashes, 1.83% proteins, 3.97% lipids and 5.43% total carbohydrates. The pH remained above 6.49 and the color darkened during storage. The product was considered microbiologically safe and shelf-stable for at least 2 months, and sensory acceptance remained at an average value of 7.1 on a 9-point hedonic scale.

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