Caracterização morfológica e molecular de acessos de feijão-fava (Phaseolus lunatus L.,Fabaceae) da Coleção de Germoplasma do Departamento de Agronomia da UFRPE.




Twenty-two lima-beans accessions, which compound the Germoplasm Collection of the Agronomy Department of Federal Rural University of Pernambuco (UFRPE), coming from the States of Ceará, Paraíba and Pernambuco, Brazil, were characterized by their morphological and molecular characteristics (RAPD Random Amplified Polimorphiysm of DNA). In morphological analysis twenty-four characteristics and in the molecular one were used, seventy-six locis RAPD (polymorphic and morphologic). At the first phase was carried out molecular analyses of twenty-two accessions to assess the genetic variability among them, and then, fourteen of these were morphologically and moleculary characterized. The analysis of sample showed the formation of two main groups and four subgroups. We noticed high genetic variability among the twenty-two accessions. The genetically closer genotypes were FA-01 and FA-02, coming from Ceará, with 85.4% similarity, and the less similar were FA-07 and FA-20, coming from Ceará and Pernambuco, respectively, with 35.9% similarity. Related to the morphological characterization of the fourteen accessions, noticed the genotype FA-13 stood out from the others by presenting higher values of seed weight, number of seeds per pod, length and width of pod, while the FA-16 presented lower values of weight ofone hundred seeds, seeds very small, lower number of pod per plant, lower length of pod and lower production.


germoplasm colection variabilidade genética phaseolus lunatus l. coleção de germoplasma lima-beans caracterização morfológica feijão-fava caracterização molecular melhoramento vegetal morphological characterization:rapd melhoramento genético vegetal

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