Caracterização e separabilidade de agregados miúdos produzidos a partir de resíduos de construção e demolição. / Technological characterization and separability studies on fine aggregates produced from construction and demolition waste.


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The current demand for recycling on construction is due to the increasing consumption of aggregates, the exhaustion of deposits close to large cities as well as the ban on inert materials dumping in landfills and the rising cost of its disposal. Moreover, with the remarkable increasing on construction activities in many countries, the management of Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) became an economical and environmental priority issue. To the sustainability of the built environment, the development of new applications for recycled aggregates and the increase of recycling rates are vital. However, the situation of the sand fraction of CDW is critical; although it accounts for 40 to 60% by weight of the waste, it is disregarded as waste recycling material or used in applications with low added-value. In this context, the present research explores the potential of mineral processing technologies to produce recycled sand by total comminution of the CDW on sand fractions in an unprecedented approach worldwide. The improvement on recycled sand quality is crucial for the enlargement of recycling rates. The study may be described in four main steps: a) sampling of construction and demolition waste from Sao Paulo metropolitan area, Brazil; b) production of recycled sand from the sampled waste; c) separability studies of the recycled sand; d) technological characterization of the attained products to evaluate the processing efficiency. The results demonstrated that the processing of the whole waste by tertiary crushing is fundamental to the selective comminution of porous phases and to the separation of cement paste from mineral phases. The attained product exhibited reduced content of cement paste, particles with higher sphericity and lower porosity. Additionally, it was demonstrated that the separability of aggregates from cement paste is feasible by density and magnetic separation. Regarding the characterization procedures, the development of an innovative method for a precise evaluation of the content of cement paste and phases associations, must be highlighted, especially on the measurement of cement paste and carbonates separately.


agregados miúdos reciclados caracterização tecnológica construction debris recycled fine aggregates resíduos de construção separabilidade separability technological characterization

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