Caracterização de rejeitos de minério de ferro para uso em pavimentação / Characterization of iron ore tailings for use in paving


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




In this work it was carried out a series of laboratory tests towards chemical, mineralogical and geotechnical characterization of rejects from iron ore processing, for use in paving. Material sampling was done in specific points as they were generated during the beneficiation process along the cycle, in order to preserve their properties. The alternative applicability as paving materials is intended to minimize some of the negative impacts caused in ores as well as by reducing the volume of rejects disposed in tailing dams . Thus, their properties were evaluated for use in structural layers of pavement. The rejects studied were generated by flotation separation and magnetic concentration, sampled from Alegria Mine plant, located at Mariana, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The laboratory testing program carried out the following tests: sieve analysis, Atterberg Limits (LL and PL), Specific gravity, compaction, CBR (California Bearing Ratio), compressive strength rejects of improved with cement, Durability by wetting and drying cycles, Resilient Modulus, X-ray diffraction, optical and induction Spectrometry, and pH. The rejects studiend wer classified as A4 (flotation) and A4 (magnetic concentration) according to TRB classification system. These materials are suitable for use as sub-base or improved base with additon of cement according to ABNT (1990, EB 2096). CBR test results using intermediate energy of both rejects showed to be compatible with the requirements for sub-base of flexible pavements, Diffraction analysis revealed the presence of non-expansive clay minerals. Results of resilient modulus tests agrred well when using the composite model as a function of confining and deviator stress. Test results from compressive strength and durability by wetting and drying of both rejects improved with cement will serve as reference for future research works. In conclusion, these reject materials from iron mining presented a potential for paving purposes specially when improved with cement.


rejeitos caracterização pavimentação infra-estrutura de transportes tailings characterization paving

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