Caracterização de filmes finos por difração de raios-X com baixo angulo de incidencia




In this work we present a study of thin and ultrathin3 films by X-Ray diffraction with asymmetric ref1ection and small incidence angle using a Guinier goniometer. The main purpose of this work was to study, in general, the properties of the diffraction by asymmetric ref1ection showing alI the possibilities of this technique when applied to the study of thin films. We present results on characterization of nanocrystalline Germanium thin films deposited by sputtering on aGe substrate. The analyses allow us to identify a depth profile of the films texture. Both for these Germanium samples and for Gold thin films on monocrystalline Silicon it was possible to suppress the substrate ref1ection. Another interesting aspect of this technique is revealed by the results obtained in the study of an undoped GaAs epitaxial layer grown on a monocrystalline Silicon substrate. A characterization of the epitaxy under different azimuths was obtained. Besides showing the application of this geometry in the study of thin films, another contribution of this thesis as the implementation of the technique in the Laboratório de Cristalografia Aplicada e Raios-X (IFGW) where it is going to be used as an important research tool


raios x - difração - tecnica filmes finos raios x - difração

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