Caracterização da produção e consumo de calcario para uso agricola no estado de São Paulo




Neutralization of soil acidity is fundamental for the success of agricultural undertakings. At present, the production of lime for agricultura! purposes in Brazil supplies only a third of what would be required for the soil, despite various attempts to increase its use. Among the reasons for the failure of these initiatives is the difficulty of access to technical and economic information for both consumers and producers. In an attempt to help overcome this problem, the present thesis investigates the production and consumption of lime for such use in the state of São Paulo, including geological aspects, mining, and environmental concems, as well as agronomical use, economic aspects, and the legislation regulating mining and environmental protection. The initial bibliographical review was complemented with field research investigating approximately 60% of the productive sector of the state. The results of this study confirm the existence of great potential for expansion in the use of this mineral, both in terms of production and of consumption, but efforts by businessmen and govemment must be directed to the overcoming of critical obstac1es for changes to take place


economia mineral calcario agricultura minas e recursos minerais

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