Capture and 3D modeling of hands with motion tracking / Captura e modelagem 3D de mãos com rastreamento de movimentos


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




Currently, general-purpose computers come equipped with webcams cameras of good resolution and high-speed, which enables a visually user interaction, through gestures, with software applications. This allows a greater sense of reality in interactive processes of virtual and augmented reality. The goal of this research is to capture and compose 3D model of hands with tracking of movements. By capturing images of the user hands, their movements are represented by means of parameters to modify a skeleton associated with a 3D model. Thus, one can playback these real movements in a virtual environment, where modeled hands are animated according to the movements of a real human. The capture of the scene is done by a couple of cameras, allowing a detailed tracking through stereo vision techniques. This research proposes a set of efficient image processing techniques and presents an implementation methodology through programming frameworks and application development tools that are available under free software licenses. The project resulted in an architecture that enables a generalization of the system for the more general-purpose cases that uses 3D models of articulated bodies, such as humanoids and machines with mechanical arms. This architecture is validated by the jEMA+ application.


processamento de imagens visão computacional computação gráfica engenharia eletrica computer graphics image processing computer vision virtual reality.

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