CAPARAÓ, A LEMBRANÇA DO MEDO: A memória dos moradores da região da Serra do Caparaó sobre o primeiro movimento de luta armada contra a ditadura militar a Guerrilha de Caparaó.




This present research has as its main purpose to analyze the memories from the common people who used to live in Serra do Caparaó region, where took place the first armed movement against the military dictatorship established in Brazil after 1964 The Caparaó Guerilla. The anticommunist propaganda fully divulgated all over the country, mainly on the sixties, was absolved and reinterpreted by the people who lived in that region, based on the elements found on their cultural environment. In this way, this present research intends to observe how was the anticommunist reception, identifying the elements that came from the produced image about the communist partisan, the fear that took place inside the ones who shared those moments and the sympathy that they felt over the soldiers who came to fight against the revolutionaries.


guerrilha de caparaó. medo historia do brasil imaginário memória anticomunismo

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