Caótica Unidade : a narrativa de Luiz Ruffato em Eles eram muito cavalos




The dissertation aims at investigating Luis Ruffato s Eles eram muitos cavalos (2001), and its insertion into the context of contemporaneous brazilian literature, through the elaboration of a theme of the city of Sao Paulo, considered as a contemporaneous urbe and agent of the structuration of an orbe, as a fictional world which runs from chaos of the city to the narrative cosmogony. To that end, the dissertation aims at understanding the process of transformation of discursive genres in transition from their originary spheres to literary text, which becomes effective by multiplication of narrators; at identifing texts in their reciprocal relations and in the ambit of literature and society, together with primary documentation in the form of emails exchanged with the autor under study.


fiction and history letras contemporaneous brazilian literature transtextuality ficção e história transtextualidade literatura brasileira contemporânea

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