Canto coral: um estudo sobre a prática do canto na escola


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This work proposes some reflexions about choir singing in the school environment, with the main objective of demonstrating how possible is for a generalist teacher to develop a musical practice on high school counting on their natural abilities and with the development of these natural abilities in a continuing graduation program in music. For that, interviews and activities were carried out with the teacher, and it was analyzed, not only the rehearsals, but also the characteristics of her job which can only be emphasized through a deep observation. Through the interview analysis and the observation of the teachers activities and the choirs performance, besides the bibliographical surveying and the specific documents, we were able to have access to trialed paths and to the conceptions of musical education underlying the teachers job. This work allows us to conclude that the choir singing is a fundamental strategy to the development of the several intelligences and cognitive and social abilities of the student, as well as it contributes with some suggestions of musical activities and it confirms the multidiscipline job of the teacher from this area


musica canto coral educação musical capacitação de professores choir singing musical education training educators

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