Canais de atendimento bancário e satisfação do cliente : estudo em bancos de varejo




Retail banks are focusing on their clients and investing in delivery channels for individuals, trying to provide high-quality customer services, and allowing the consumers to do their banking anytime, anywhere, selecting their own way to do business with banks. This strategy is part of what is known as relationship banking marketing. The goal of relationship banking is to retain consumers in the existing bank s client base and increase its business with its clients, rather than trying to increase the number of customers. Some bank delivery channels, mainly the remote ones, have a cost per transaction close to zero. However, the cost per transaction on the branch network is higher. Thus, banks have been trying to drive the delivery channels with more personnel service to the higher network individuals, and the remote channels to the lower end of their client base. The objective of this study is to explore delivery channels experience profiles and to verify the relationship between, perceived quality, trust and perceived value constructs in the mostly used channels by retail bank s clients and the consequent variables satisfaction and loyalty. For this purpose, a preliminary qualitative research was carried out with 9 people, trying to find out the underlying reasons and motivations of respondents, and a quantitative survey with 197 clients from different banks, in order to validate the relationships mentioned. A distinctive usage profile was identified, mainly for some channels like agencies, ATMs and Internet, which does not suggest either any relationship with the dealt products or socio-demographics variables like gender, age or socio-economic class. On the other hand, the usage of some specific delivery channels is related with attitude variables like satisfaction, value and trust but the answers on loyalty do not suggest any connection with the distinctive usage profile.


clientes - lealdade satisfação do consumidor bancos - serviços ao cliente administracao

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