Caminhos alternativos: empreendedorismo, informalidade e inclusão social




The entrepreneurship has become the core of a new culture of work in gestation. This has been given because the changes in the conception of development, work, informality, performance of the state and civil society, and particularly the policies of confrontation of the social question. This study aimed to capture how the speech in favor of entrepreneurship and social inclusion impact the design of informality and policies to confront poverty and generation of employment and income. Considering the historical process and theoretical contribution submitted, the institution of microcredit as active labour market policy for the poorest population is a result of this conjuncture.


inclusão social ciências sociais aplicadas empreendedorismo microcredit microcrédito sociology of work active labour market policies sociologia do trabalho políticas ativas de mercado de trabalho social inclusion entrepreneurship

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