"Camelô de tecnologia" ou "Camelô Global" : novas formas de expansão do capital na rua / Peddler of technology or street vendor global : New forms of capital expansion in the street




This thesis deals with street workers that offer technological products (digital cameras, games, flash drivers etc.) in camelódromo of the Uruguayana in Rio de Janeiro. It was intended to answer the following question: Is the peddler of a differentiated form of technology for informal street work, which is the predominant business (profit), business (the capital) and not the employee (linked to survival), which is evident separation between capital (owners of the means and money) and work (labor contractor)? this line will be activities that now serve as the veins of capital expansion? Our aim of this research: to explore the new forms of differentiation in this street work in the current Brazilian society, ie, understand what is this new (re) configuration of the street. This phenomenon reflects a kind of activity that suffers direct interference of the formal world, reshaping itself and assuming business features. 42 questionnaires were applied to these vendors


vendedores ambulantes setor informal (economia) camelôs mercadorias tecnologia street vendors informal sector (economics) laborers merchandise technology

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