Calculos de curtos-circuitos para estudo e analises da proteção de sistemas eletricos




This work describes the implementation of a software for short circuit calculations. Its objective is to facilitate the analysis and studies of electric systems protection. The main characteristics of the program consists: System pre fault state determination including shunt elements in the short circuit computation; parallel transmission lines mutual coupling assumptions; transmission lines short circuit calculations; utilization of the sparse vector method; short circuit computation for low/medium voltage network and grounding factors; consideration of transformers angular displacement and autotransformers windings short circuit current flows calculation. The software has been tested for several systems, including part of Southeast Brazilian region system of 138/69/13.8-11.95 kV, consisting of 216 busses, 263 lines and 98 lines with mutual coupling, and a 500/345/138 kV system, consisting of 28 busses, 60 lines and 11 lines with mutual coupling, based on the South-Southeast Brazilian system data. ...Note: The complete abstract is available with the full electronic digital thesis or dissertations


curtos-circuitos sistemas de energia eletrica

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