Calculo de força e indutancia em circuitos eletricos




In this work we present a method for inductance calculation. We apply this method to various configurations of circuits, including the ones with surface or volumetric current density, using the formulas of Neumann, Weber, Maxwell and Graneau. We compare the results obtained with our method to the ones obtained with the usual approximation methods. We conclude that our method is more powerful than the last ones, because it allows one to obtain algebraic results with the degree of approximation desired. For the self-inductance of a closed circuit with arbitrary shape we generalize the equivalence between the four formulas cited above. The force between current elements was analized in the second part of this work. We improved a method for force calculation between parts in contact of a single circuit, and use it to compare the expression of Ampere to the expression of Grassmann in various configurations of circuits, also including the ones with surface and volumetric current density. We conclude that these two expressions for force between current elements are equivalent to one another in all situations of closed circuits. We present a demonstration of this fact. Finishing, we analyze the existence of longitudinal force between current carrying conductors with Weber s force, and we conclude that it is not able to explain the magnitude of the experimental results with exploding wires, in steady state


indutancia medidas eletricas auto-indutancia indutores eletricos

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