Cálculo da elasticidade de cristais líquidos nemáticos através de métodos da geometria diferencial




Found on Frank free energy relation, the bulk elastic constants of the nematic liquid crystals are computed in this work through an approach based on the affine connection method. This consists in the deformation of the isotropic fluid sferical molecules until they acquire an elipsoidal shape, likely the estimated nematic molecules form. Herewith the method presented in this work, is taken in account the inhomogeneous director arrangement. Here the metric calculation is done. It describes the coordinates transformation that realizes the desired deformation. A result that arises is the inherent curvature of the space comprising isotropic fluid, in which became an anisotropic one. So must be used suitable mathematics tools in this curved space. The appropriated ones belongs to the differential geometric framing, and they will be used in the course of this labour.


geometria diferencial differential geometry cristais líquidos física matemática cristal líquido nemático elasticidade elasticity nematic liquid crystals liquid crystals

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