Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench) characterization as adjunct in beer brewing


Food Sci. Technol




Abstract Given the scenario of buckwheat cultivation in Brazil, the research was developed evaluating its insertion in beer production as adjunct. The samples of interest were made with 55% (w/w) barley malt and 45% (w/w) buckwheat malt (45BWM), referenced to 100% Pilsen malt beer (AM). The results showed that the buckwheat malt wort had a 96.27% dry base extract, equivalent to the standard result. It also showed that glucose content increased 3 times, while the maltose and maltotriose have balances proportional. The use of buckwheat malt raised the protein content in more than 89%, which is not seen from the use of other adjuncts and showed greater colloidal stability during the storage period, a factor associated with a 4-fold reduction of gluten content. Similar aspects regarding foam and turbidity pattern, although subtle differences in aromatic profile and flavors were present. Nevertheless, these factors show that is possible to use buckwheat as an adjunct in a Pilsen beer. The remaining sugars content gave a perspective on the metabolism of yeast during fermentation and the identification of some compounds by HPLC-MS was also able to demonstrate how buckwheat malt affected yeast metabolism due to wort composition.

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