Broadcast distribution uniformity of fertilizer with centrifugal spreaders used in variable rate application


Eng. Agríc.




ABSTRACT The quality of fertilizer distribution process is important to the success of agriculture. This research aimed to study the distribution uniformity of fertilizers with spreaders capable of performing variable rate. Evaluations were carried out in different farms, in the Southwest region of the State of Goiás, Brazil. 13 longitudinal and transversal distribution profiles with 11 centrifugal spreaders were evaluated: five with limestone, two with gypsum, two with magnesium oxide, one with monoammonium phosphate (MAP), one with super simple phosphate (SS), one with chloride potassium (KCl) and one with formulated fertilizer (02-20-20). The collectors and the form of distribution followed the ASABE S341.3 standard (2006). The broadcasted distribution by centrifugal spreaders performed unevenly over the applied area. Therefore, application evaluation, in addition to correct regulation, should be performed frequently for each type of product, even on machines with capacity in variable rate.

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