Bridges and breaches in he fabled of Wilson Bueno / Pontes e rupturas no fabular de Wilson Bueno




This paper aims at analyzing three contemporaries works of the paranaense writer Wilson Bueno (1949- ), that are part of a literary project in which the characters are presented in an initially plural view, as if only one of them could be the representation of all, for an individualistic view, a characteristic of a capitalist system. They are: Manual de Zoofilia (1997), Jardim de Zoofilia (1997), Jardim Zoologico (1999) and Cachorros do Ceu (2005).The contemporary writer follows the tradition of the classic bestiaries and classic fable, in the sense that he describes animals, making use of the personification as a basic textual element to his narratives, giving them human beings characteristics. Such works are a part of questionings that aren t ready answers to our doubts; then it is everything that makes part of the great and classic literature, full of openings to be filled with reader s imagination and his/her own conclusions.


wilson bueno fabulas fables literatura brasileira

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