Biofertilizer action in the Brevipalpus phoenicis bioecology. / Ação de biofertilizantes líquidos sobre a bioecologia do ácaro Brevipalpus phoenicis.




This study was conducted to evaluate interactions between host plants and the effect of biofertilizers on Brevipalpits phoeiiicis (Geijskes) bioecology. The residual and systemic effects of biofertilizer mjxtures sprayed on Canavalia ensiformis (L.) DC. plants on the bioecology parameters were firstly evaluated. For the residual effect bioassay the following treaúnents were tested: a) Distilled water (Control); b) Biofert biofertilizer produced in a single bioreactor; e) Biomix - a mix of biofertilizers produced in four bioreactors; and d) Bio+VL - Biofei-t, + Verticilliuin lecanii (Zimm.) Viégas. For tbe systemic effect bloassay two stispensions were tested: a) Biofert and b) Distilled water (Control). Thereafter the topical and residual interaction effects between concentrations of the biofertilizer and C. ensiformis and Ligustrum lucidum Aiton. Host plants were evaluated. Were also characterized pathological manifestations in the dead mites by using seanning electronic microscopy images. Adverse effects of biofertilizers on both survival and oviposition parameters were verified. The net reproduction rates (Ro) were 18.09; 12.92; 12.52 and 10.52 female/female (residual effect) and 19.42 and 13.00 female/female (systemic effect), respectively, for the treatments in the above mentioned orders. The results showed that the biofertilizers reduced the potential population growth of B. phoenicis in the residual and in the systemie effect assays. The biofertilizer demonstrated deleterious effect on fertility and survival of R. phoenicis on both host plants, mostly on C ens@formis. The mites dead by biofertilizer action showed evidences of microbial colonization. A colloidal coinpound of biofertilizer induced mite immobilization and obstruction in its digestivo tract. The interaction between host plant and biofertilizer deleterious effects will contribute to enhance mite management based on trophobiotic relationships.


bioecologia ácaro-vetor-de-doença-em-planta biofertilizer fertilizantes biológicos host plant mite vector plant disease planta hospedeira bioecology

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