Bioética e direitos humanos: a proteção da dignidade da pessoa humana na era da genética / Bioethics and human rights: the protection of the human dignity in the genetics era




Bioethics and Law are two complementary ways to protect the human being dignity and the human rights, when faced by questions related to genetics. This study discuss about the affirmation of the human dignity as well as its importance as structuring principle to the whole ethical and legal systems. The second chapter introduces the bioethics as well as its principles: autonomy, beneficence and justice, determining the necessary relationship between them and their consubstantiality. Once defined the human dignity importance as well as the relationship between it, bioethics and human rights, this study exposes, in an analytical way, the safeguard basis: ethics and Law. Ethics is exposed as a relevant instrument to protect the society in a universal and dialogic perspective, since inserted in a democratic context. The Law is seen on its international and constitutional spheres of human being protection.


bioethics principles human dignity engenharia genética ethics human rights bioética genética médica direitos humanos

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