Bicentric evaluation of Access Toxo immunoglobulin M (IgM) and IgG assays and IMx toxo IgM and IgG assays and comparison with Platelia Toxo IgM and IgG assays.


The recent Access immunoanalysis system (Sanofi Diagnostics Pasteur) for the serological diagnosis of toxoplasmosis was compared with the Abbott Toxo IMx EIA system, taking the Platelia Toxo immunoglobulin G (IgG) and Platelia Toxo IgM systems as references and using as confirmation methods an indirect fluorescence assay or a dye test for IgG and an immunosorbent agglutination assay (ISAGA) for IgM. A total of 1,461 serum samples were studied, of which 128 were collected from 42 recently seroconverted patients. Sensitivity and specificity rates of the Access system were 97.7 and 99.5%, respectively, for IgM and 98.6 and 100%, respectively, for IgG. Sensitivity and specificity rates of the Abbott IMx EIA system were 91 and 100%, respectively, for IgM and 92.5 and 100%, respectively, for IgG. The Access Toxo IgG and IgM EIA systems were found to be more sensitive than the Abbott Toxo IgG and IgM IMx EIA systems.

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