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Int. braz j urol.




The aims of the current study are to investigate the composition of biomass from baru processing and to explore the feasibility of valuing it through the development of bioproducts such as fermentable sugars, furanics and biochar. Baru (Dipteryx alata Vog.) waste (endocarp and mesocarp) has great energetic potential to produce bioproducts due to its chemical composition. Proximate analyses applied to such waste have found low favorable moisture and ash content in it. Bioproduct characterizations after acid hydrolysis have shown that baru endocarp and mesocarp biomass can enable a range of value-added products in biorefinery concepts such as furfural and 5-hydroximetylfurfural (20.0 and 1.5% yield, respectively), and high sugar content (approximately 19.15 and 38.40%, respectively). Pyrolysis processes also present high biochar content (ca. 48%), with satisfactory characteristics to be used as fuel, as well as calorific value higher than 30 kJ g-1.

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