Bayesian inference in the assessment of precast piles foundations safety. / Inferência bayesiana na avaliação da segurança de fundações em estacas de deslocamento.




The theme of "foundations safety" deserves special attention in theory and practice, due to the need to find optimized solutions, which balance cost and safety, solutions that differ in their method of uncertainty treatment. An important way of coping with these uncertainties is the proof pile load tests. Recently, the importance of proof load tests in the reduction of uncertainty has been widely discussed, mainly in the context of the NBR 6122 update. Despite their importance, there is no universally accepted standard regarding how the type and the number of proof load tests influence the safety factor. This work uses the bayesian inference concepts to present a consistent approach, which matches predictions of precast pile capacity with proof pile load tests results, thus providing a rational updating of safety indicators. The results of this study lead to the conclusion that bayesian inference methods have advantages compared with classical approaches. Since they allow the consideration of previous information, sometimes of a subjective nature, these methods do not require as large a sample as frequency approaches do. Furthermore, these methods have proved to be more robust than classical approaches whilst providing results which are consistent with current practice of foundation engineering.


bayesian inference foundations safety métodos probabilistas segurança de fundações structural safety proof load tests provas de carga segurança de estruturas probabilistic methods inferência bayesiana

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