Barreiras ao uso racional de energia em micro, pequenas e medias empresas




There are many barriers to the rational use of energy in firms, in general, and in industries, in particular. Due to particularities of the small-and-medium-sized enterprises - SME, there are even more barriers to these firms. The majority of Brazilian companies belong to the SME group. These companies are also responsible for the majority of jobs in the country. Despite its economic and social importance, most of the studies about energy efficiency don t consider SME. The barriers to the rational use of energy in SME are analyzed in this dissertation. The study-case was defined over three industrial districts located in the State of São Paulo, Brazil: the footwear industries of Franca, the textile industries of Americana and surrounds, and the ceramic industries of Porto Ferreira. Some successful energy management programs joint-developed with total quality management programs and environment programs are also analyzed. Regarding SME industries, some very successful European experiences of cluster organization were identified, and the same is proposed for the SME Brazilian firms. Cluster organization would be a rational way to solve many common problems of SME, energy among others.


pequenas e medias empresas barreiras a entrada (organização industrial) energia

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