Banco de dados de curvas de retenção de água de solos brasileiros / Database of soil-water retention curve of brazilian soils




Unsaturated soil mechanics has become an important subject of research devoted to understand the behavior of unsaturated soils and optimize their use in several civil works. The soil-water characteristic curve, defined as the relationship between the suction and the amount of water present in the soil, is considered as the key in the interpretation of the behavior and properties of unsaturated soils, such as the hydraulic conductivity and the shear strength. This paper presents the structure of a database designed to store information of brazilian soils with focus in the characteristics of water retention. The database includes the retention curves and the parameters of adjusted van Genuchten and Fredlund &Xing equations and also information of soil characteristics such as physical indexes, soil classifications, particle-size analysis, consistency indexes and location and kind of used samples. Beyond the estimate of hydraulic conductivity, the database presents two search tools that allow for quick and detailed recovering of information and stored data can be displayed on screen or in printed reports


unsaturated soils curva de retenção banco de dados soil-water characteristic curve database solos não saturados

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