Avaliação neuropsicologica em crianças com transtorno de deficit de atenção e hiperatividade




The attention is involved in human dayly s activities of human, trough endogenous and exogenous inducements. ADHID implicates in a alteration of mecanism transmition from the nervous inducement to sinapses level, where found anomalies in the monoamine s metabolism which acts as neurotansmiters from Central Nervous System (TONELOTTO, 1994). The ADH/D Types are: Unattentive Predominantilly Type, Hyperactive Impulse Type and Combined Type. This work has the purpose of evaluating the children who present ADH/D symptons through Neuropschologicals inquiries and correlationed to P-300 inquire. In the Intellectual Tests the children obtained better results in perfomance tban the oral tests. In the Neuropschological Test try presented difficulty in tactil skills, memory, rhytm and academical activities. The P-300 showed that children bearers of ADH don t have significant alterations with reference to latential and little significant alteration in extent


disturbio de aprendizagem aprendizagem atenção

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