Avaliação ecoDopplercardiográfica da função diastólica do ventrículo esquerdo em indivíduos obesos pré e pós cirurgia bariátrica / EchoDopplercardiographic analysis of left ventricular diastolic function in severe and morbid obesity before and after bariatric surgery




Obesity has been associated with heart failure, and individuals with severe obesity have been recognized to have a form of cardiomiopathy attributed to chronic volume overload, characterized by left ventricular dilation, and eccentric left ventricular hypertrophy. Impairment of cardiac function has been reported, with most studies reporting abnormal diastolic function.The present study was designed to determinate the effect of obesity on left ventricular diastolic function and the impact of weight loss after bariatric surgery on this function. One hundred and four patients scheduled for bariatric surgery were enrolled, 74 women and 30 men. Baseline mean age was 38.8 ± 11.44 years. Eighty- one patients were morbid obese (B.M.I. maior ou igual 40 kg/m²) and 23 were severe obese (B.M.I from 35 to 39.99 kg/m²), with at least two associated co-morbidities. Structural and functional echoDopplercardiographic analysis were performed before and 6 months after the bariatric surgery. We found that obese individuals had higher septal wall thickness, left atrial diameter, left ventricular mass and a higher incidence of diastolic dysfunction before the surgery than after. It was observed that weight loss had an impact on mitral flow velocities, on pulmonary vein flow velocities, and on tissue Doppler imaging, but had no impact on the other diastolic echocardiographic parameters. Weight loss after bariatric surgery had improved cardiac diastolic function. Being hypertensive, diabetic or having another associated co-morbidity was not related to a higher incidence of diastolic dysfunction. The diastolic echoDopplercardiographic parameters should be used in combination for a better diastolic evaluation.


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