Avaliação dos programas de pós-graduação em química no Brasil: versão 2002


Química Nova




The graduate programs in Chemistry were evaluated and classified from the data collected for the period 1998-2000 by CAPES, the Minister of Education agency that is responsible for the regulation and support of this level of human resources formation. The next classification will be made in 2004, from the data of the period 2001-2003. The years in between, like the present year, are used for an evaluation without classification, from what comments are emitted to the programs to know how their data are improving or not, before the new ranking reporting. The progresses in the area of chemistry in Brazil are analysed from the confrontation of the present data with that of all previous evaluations, since 1983. The results confirm that the research and graduate formation in the area of Chemistry is continuously improving in Brazil, particularly during the last seven years.

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