Avaliação do conhecimento e utilização da certificação digital em clinicas de radiologia odontologica / Evaluation of the knowledge and use of the digital certification in oral radiology clinics




The aim of this research was to investigate, by means of questions, the knowledge and use of the Digital Certification in Dentistry Radiology Clinics which offer to its clients, electronic type files. 450 questionnaires were sent by e-mail for all the Brazilian radiologists registered at the Federal Council of Dentistry. There were 16 questions about computerization level in their clinics as well as Digital Certification knowledge degree. 158 answers were received meaning 35.1% as returning rate. The obtained dates were statistically analyzed by Frequency Distribution analysis and Fisher Exact Test. In accordance with the results, all the interviewed radiologists used in their Radiology Clinics, electronic type files. However, only 13.5% from Southeast area, 13.3% from South area, 25.0% from North area and 7.1% from Center west and Northeast areas signed their digital documents. 79.1% of the interviewed ones had affirmed that they had doubts on how to acquire Digital Certificates and didn?t know the total cost for its acquisition. According to results, it was concluded that digital files are so much used by the Dentistry Radiology Clinics; however, Digital Certification is little used to sign this archives. Little is known about Digital Certification as well as its use. This data suggests that a wide spreading about the importance of the Digital Certification by government structures and/or Dentistry Councils is requested


jurisprudence legislation legislação jurisprudencia

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