Avaliação do atendimento em um serviço publico odontologico




The aim of this study was to evaluate the quality of dental care offered to the users at a health care unity and to the schoolchildren in a public service of a county through quantitative (production) and qualitative (satisfaction of the professional and the user) judgement. The data to the characterization of the dentistry service profile either schools or at health care unity were collected through the analysis of the database. Data for the user s satisfaction and the professional s satisfaction were obtained from questionnaires. The results obtained from covering and productivity were satisfactory in the attendance of children and schoolchildren; but insufficient to characterize the quality of the attendance. The professionals showed unsatisfied with regard to 6 of 14 questions from questionnaire, attributing the worst scores to professional improvement and salary politics. Regarding the user s satisfaction, the results showed that they were satisfied with the service, however, the access and waiting time were identified as difficulties.


garantia de qualidade dos cuidados de saude saude publica serviços de saude odontologia

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