Avaliação de propriedades mecanicas e quimica, de uma resina acrilica polimerizada sob pressão no microondas, utilizando o sistema de injeção




Injection molded technique is an efficient and accurate method for processing dentures. However, the process may cause adverse effects upon chemical and physical properties of the restn. This study evaluated the effects of injection-molded system, upon a microwave polymerization cycle under pressure (Onda-cryl resin). Control group was formed by compression molded (Gl, 3 min 360 W + 4 min O W + 3 min 810 W). The others were by Injection molded (G2, 3 min 360 W + 4 min O W + 3 min 810 W), and injection molded and polymerization under pressure (G3, 6 min 180 W + 4 min O W + 3 min 810 W / 0.1 MPa). Residual monomer (RM), impact strength (1S), flexural strength (FS) and surface Knoop hardness (SKH) were evaluated. The results of analysis of variance and the means comparison using Tukey test showed difference between the groups. The means followed by different letters showed significant difference (a=5%). Injection molded system decreased RM and FS, and did not affect IS and KH of the restn


polimerização curing resistencia dos materiais resinas acrilicas dentarias microwave microondas acrylic resins and transverse strenght

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