Avaliação de modelo de tomada de decisão para escolha de sistema de tratamento de esgoto sanitário / Evaluation of decision-making model to choice system for treatment of sewage




A solution for the preservation of the water is the investment in sanitation and in the treatment of sanitary sewer, which is accomplished through sewer treatment stations. However, the choice of the treatment system to be implanted in a municipal district should meet its technical, environmental, social and economical requirements. The main objective of this research was to validate and to evaluate the applicability of a decision making model to choose the system of sanitary sewer treatment with the lowest economical cost developed by Oliveira (2004). This model elaborates the sizing of eight treatment systems, and then it estimates the implantation cost, maintenance and operation of each system. For this evaluation, interviews were performed in institutions related to sanitation in Brazil, as well as with decision makers and specialists in sanitation, in order to collect the necessary data for application of tests with the model. In the total, data from 61 projects of sewer treatment stations were collected, which were used in the accomplished tests. During the evaluation of the model, techniques such as simulation, hierarchical analysis of processes and Nash equilibrium were used. In addition, changes have been made in the costs of the model, in the used variables, in the treatment systems, among others, totaling 12 new versions, and the final version, was denominated "ETEX-FEARP". Based on the analysis done in this research, the model is considered appropriate to provide a global vision in the planning of the investments, as well as for studies of conceptions of treatment stations, helping the decision maker choose the system, based on economical, environmental and technical criteria.


nash equilibrium simulation equilíbrio de nash simulação tratamento de águas residuárias modelo de tomada de decisão wastewater treatment decision making model análise hierárquica de processos (ahp) analytic hierarchy process (ahp)

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