Avaliação de desempenho, portabilidade e interoperabilidade de sistemas de gerencia de redes de telecomunicações baseados em plataformas TMN comerciais




This work presents an analysis of the performance, portability and interoperability aspects in the development of telecommunications management applications running in commercial TMN platforms. This work was done at CPqD TELEBRÁS, which has a TMN laboratory that studies and analysis the implementation aspects of TMN architecture applied to telecommunications enterprises. Firstly, it is presented the basic architecture of a generic TMN platform and it is identified its components which could be responsible for the main performance, portability and interoperability aspects. After that, it is presented the tests that were specified/developed in order to obtain figures regarding performance. This figures address mainly the number of transactions per second that a system can perform depending of some factors as the number of agents running in the system, etc. Finally, the results are presented, and nevertheless it is necessary to get more data about the subject, it is already possible to use these results to aid in the specification of telecommunication management systems


redes de computação - gerencia sistemas de telecomunicação

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