Avaliação comparativa de materiais poliméricos em coletores de admissão para aplicações de motores diesel / Comparative evaluation of polymeric materials on intake manifold for diesel engines application




In the modem world where we live, due to incited competition in the automobilist market, emerges the necessity an engine much more economic and il is worsen by the international competition with the Asian markets. Thus, accelerate not only the race for the raise of the quality and cost reduction of products, but also for the environment topics, such as the reduction of the carbonic gas emissions and fuel consumption. It is known that, as bigger the vehicle is, bigger will be the impact of the fuel consumption. The weight, for example, is the most important factor in the CO2 emissions. Concerning that the metals are heavier than plastics, a great interest in the replacing the metallic parts for polymers exists. The general objective of this work was to select of engineering plastics or composites of polymeries matrix for application in the intake manifold of diesel engines. For this reason, a decision matrix was elaborated where the main necessary characteristics for this specific part had been evaluated, currently is the casting aluminum alloy. The following characteristics had been considered important in the decision matrix: mechanical resistance to the tensile and the impact, density, thermal resistance, chemical resistance to the fuels, injection process, cost and availability. As substitute to casting aluminum the following plastics or composites had been chosen: Polyamide 66 without reinforcement (PA66J, Polyamide 66 with 30% glass fiber reinforcement and without heat stabilizer (PA66 30 GF - CT), Polyamide 66 with 30% glass fiber reinforcement with heat stabilizer (PA 66 30 FV - ST), Poliftalamide with 33% of glass fiber (PPA 33 FV) and Acetal (PPO). A first stage was made with data gotten in literature, remaining as three more promising candidates PA 66 30FV without heat stabilizer, PA 66 30 FV with heat stabilizer and PPA 33 FV. For these three engineering plastics had been carried through characterization tests: evaluation of the mechanical and thermal properties, resistance to the heat. As conclusion, the PA66 30FV with heat stabilizer is the material that more adjusted for the replacement proposal. Finally a model of the studied part (Intake Manifold of Diesel Engine) for rapid prototyping was gotten, to assist the next stage of this work, whit will be the development of the injection matrix


indústria automobilística poliamidas polímeros polymer composites polymeric compounds automobile industry polyamides polymers compósitos poliméricos compostos poliméricos

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