AvaliaÃÃo do programa nacional de alimentaÃÃo escolar no municÃpio de Camaragibe - PE




The study was carried out in ten elementary and junior high schools that are run by Municipalities and, in the case of the elementary schools, by Residentsâ Associations, For each of the administrative regions of the municipality of Camaragibe/ Pernambuco, two schools (one municipal and one associated school) were chosen random, wich to purpose was evaluate the National School Food Programme (Programa Nacional de AlimentaÃÃo Escolar - PNAE) which was brought under municipal control in 1999. The evaluation includes the structure (administrative organization, human resources, finance and physical aspects) and to assess how well these resources are used to achieve the programmeâs goals. In terms of menu planning, an average of ten meals per day showed that they did not reach the recommended quantity of calories established by the Programme. However, a lack of compliance was noted regarding the on-site acquisition of foodstuffs for all types of food. 80% of the schools did not comply with the programme of the menus for the semester, due to the lack of food supplied to the schools. The schools do not possess any written documents regarding the responsibilty of carrying out the Programme. The supervision of the operations of the school meals was seen to be insatisfactory. In terms of the number of school meal assistants for the number of pupils the PNAE was judged inadequate. There were also irregularities in terms of the requests for periodical health exams. The funding was seen to be inadequate for the acquisition of food for all the days of the school year, which resulted in the inability to pay suppliers and a consequent lack of food. This irregularity was also found in relation to the physical structure. It can be concluded that the effectiveness of the implantation of the PNAE and its structure is unsatisfactory, and that it does not achieve the proposed objectives of the PNAE, neither in the efficiency, the usage of resouces being insufficient for all the activities of the PNAE in the municipality in the study


programa social communal programme merenda escolar evaluate avaliaÃÃo school meals saude coletiva

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