AvaliaÃÃo de volumes, capacidade e forÃa muscular respiratÃria em pacientes submetidos à cirurgia abdominal alta eletiva




The postoperative pulmonary complications are common after upper abdominal surgery. The respiratory physiotherapy has been used in the prevention and treatment of these complications. The aim of this study was to verify the effects of incentive spirometry and sustained deep breathing in the pulmonary function in patients who have undergone upper elective abdominal surgery. The type of study was a quasi-experimental study of the kind pre/test and post/test. Sixty-six patients were tested (30 females and 36 males) with an average age of 49,44 Â 15,39 years, all candidates for upper elective abdominal surgery, were distributed in three groups. Control group (n=24); deep breathing group (DB) (n=21): sustained deep breathing and incentive spirometry group (IS) (n=21): sustained deep breathing with incentive spirometry. On the pre and postoperative, measures of pulmonary ventilation minute volume (MV), tidal volume (TV), vital capacity (VC) and respiratory muscle strength: maximal expiratory pressure (MEP) and maximal inspiratory pressure (MIP) were obtained. In the first postoperative day, there was a reduction of the MV, TV, VC, MIP, MEP and an increase in the respiratory frequency (RF). There was a significant increase of the MV, TV, VC, MIP and MEP between the treated groups between the first and the fifth postoperative day. The length of stay on groups deep breathing (52,99%) and incentive spirometry (34,10%) was significant smaller in comparison to the control group (p=0,001). We concluded that the groups that received physiotherapy treatment had a best recovery and shorter length of stay. The physiotherapy techniques sustained deep breathing (DB)and incentive spirometry (IS) are effective in the treatment of patients undergone upper abdominal surgery. However, the incentive spirometry technique showed better results than the sustained deep breathing technique in the recovery of pulmonary capacity.


physiotherapy techniques educacao fisica upper abdominal surgery complicaÃÃes pulmonares testes de funÃÃo pulmonar pulmonary function tests risk factors tÃcnicas de fisioterapia postoperative complications fatores de risco cirurgia abdominal alta

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