Auxílio multicritério à decisão aplicado à implantação de sistema de armazenamento de grãos na propriedade rural / Application of multicriteria decision aid to implementation of on-farm grain storage system


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The grain storage capacity installed in rural properties in Brazil is low, as well as grain storehouses, silos and commercial warehouses (public or private), because the locations, types and conditions, display gaps with regard to performance and adequacy of such facilities. Thus, this study sought to address the decision problem on the implementation of on-farm grain storage system, taking account of risks, benefits, uncertainties and alternatives. For this purpose, it was adopted the methodology of multicriteria decision aid, in order to consider the many objectives, consequences, criteria, values, expectations and performances of the existing alternatives. The application of the method in a real situation was held to aid a rural entrepreneur (soybean production) to decide what infrastructure to select to store his production. The results were important to improve his understanding of the considered issues, as well as on the alternatives and their advantages and disadvantages. Thus, it was concluded that the methodology of multicriteria decision aid can be a useful approach on implementation of on-farm grain storage system because it was able to incorporate many variables and objectives, as well as the values of the decision maker (producer), supporting decision making and providing informations to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of the selected solution.


análise multicritério agricultura - processo decisório investimentos - processo decisório economia agricola - processo decisório administração rural - processo decisório multicriteria analysis agriculture investments agricultural economics rural administration

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