Autonomia operaria, qualidade e produtividade nas pequenas e medias empresas




The development of small and middle size companies is a very important requisite to assure competitiveness to the Brazilian industrial complex in this new world market. A new point-of-view over the organizational hierarchy and over the relations between employees and their managers and also the employees empowerment can contribute to higher quality and productivity levels. This seems to be a low cost way to get competitiveness, so specially interesting to the small and middle size companies. The focus of this essay is to survey how the worker empowerment degree in operating automatic systems affects their own work and the quality and productivity results. The employee empowerment evaluation would be difficult as there was no agreement about autonomy definition. So the first step was to define autonomy and discuss its mean and relation with other concepts like participative management and worker involvement. A autonomy degree evaluation method was proposed based upon a questionnaire and observation of workers in action. In turn, the quality and productivity were evaluated as a function of two proposed indexes. The autonomy degree and the quality and productivity indexes were both evaluated in four small industrial companies and only automatic machines were considered. It was not possible to set a correlation between the autonomy degree and the mentioned indexes because some differences among the surveyed companies, but the cases aims to more efficient human resources utilization when worker autonomy increases. The work observation allowed the appointment of a number of cases of improved performance as a result of employee empowerment, what seems to agree with the literature about participative management. The autonomy degree evaluation method was applied and its results seems to be consistent enough to encourage its application in other cases


produtividade do trabalho administração - brasil - participação dos empregados relações trabalhistas gestão de qualidade total

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