Autonomia da criança: transição da educação infantil para o ensino fundamental, conforme as prescrições oficiais




This research utilizes the orientation and extra curricular directions of educations of infant education, firstly to analyses the terms of which the concept of autonomy is treated and secondly, to verify if the articulation within the final stage of child education (Kindergarten) is the commencement of the planning of primary education, in which forms these writings and papers expresses the interruptions and continuity within these periods. Within these levels, the presents Research could be characterized as exploratory in admitting that the documents selected represents ideas about childhood, orienting the practices of education and expressing in certain levels researchers expectations, teachers and others professionals associated with the development and formation of the Brazilian childhood. The theoretical Concepts adopted allowed concepts developed by Heri Wallon, (1979) and Theodor Adorno (1995), who comparing the positions Comparatives in the area Of education, and education as a potential Room for developmental autonomy. The articulations within the psychogenetic wall mania concept and its theory of Criticism will propose this study to explore a perspective of education focused on child autonomy. Analyzed official documents in relation to childrens social development is an evidence that adoption and autonomy are treated in a cynical disarticulated manner because its contents emphasis are focused on cognitive development presented in already known areas, instead of pointing to vital articulations within knowledge, autonomy and adoptions. Official documents still reveals that child educational transitions to primary education is based on a new social documentations and students in these changing process in which some professionals actions has to be differentiated, with the will to overcome the challenges of these level. Such orientations gives specifications and recognitions, hence reinforcing the division between these two levels in treating specifically the moments from the point of view of adoption


desenvolvimento infantil articulação da educação infantil com o ensino fundamental ensino fundamental -- brasil infants autonomy child education articulation and primary education educacao pre-escolar -- brasil autonomia (psicologia) educacao autonomia da criança

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