Automação como recurso de planejamento de redes de distribuição de energia elétrica. / Automation as resource for distribution systems planning.




Concerning the components of an electrical distribution network and their susceptibility to functional failures or need for maintenance actions, planning and project criteria should be adopted to assure continuity of energy supply even though some components may be out of work. Traditionally the power systems, especially in power transmission and distribution, adopt the N-1 criterion in the planning of its installations to keep the service continuity when one of the components is out of work. This criterion is based on a qualitative concept, in general, it does not quantify the loss and the inconvenience that a failure can cause, neither the operative resources that can allow the system to support programmed maintenance actions, thus being, insufficient for the perfect evaluation of expansion alternatives of the distribution network. Whereas, the Non Distributed Energy calculus - NDE - a probabilistic approach for failures and a systematic approach for interruptions during the preventive maintenance actions is a more elaborated resource, based on a quantitative concept, for the dimensioning of capacity reserve of the electric systems and therefore, the expansion alternatives. The introduction of the automatic devices and communication technologies in the distribution network make it possible to do maneuvers and load transfers in order to keep the supply continuity on acceptable levels, substituting, many times, the installation of new structures as feeders or even substations. The result is being cost reduction provided by the optimization from installed capacity, necessary to contingency reserve, without affecting the performance and service quality. The scope of this work is to propose a planning methodology based on the cost of the NDE, which enables the evaluation of both the automation resources and conventional resources as well. In this work you shall find an application of the methodology in a case study.


distribuição de energia elétrica (planejamento; automação) automation reserve capacity planning distribution networks sistemas elétricos de potência custo de interrupção

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