Atravesando SertÃes: MemÃrias de Velhas e Velhos Camponeses do Baixo Jaguaribe-CE




Articulating memory and own experience, i tryed to follow the customary course of the registered experience by the memories of old countymen from the territory of Baixo-Jaguaribe CE, objectifying to express the aiming sense plurality that the countrymen assign to the hinterland where they had born and grown. So, through the Oral History of life, i set other comprehension levels about the experience lived by those men, who could compare the interpretation that make absolute the seca as the only lived experience in the hinterland of CearÃ. As forregard to the work narrative, it suggests to the reader an idea of crossing that complete itself in a lot of pieces of hinterland and period which marks the time in my interviewed memories


historia memÃrias de camponeses sertÃo baixo jaguaribe-ce

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