Associação entre estado nutricional, ocorrência de asma e características miofuncionais orais em escolares




Every person born with a genetic potential for growing, which can be affected or not, depending on life conditions since conception until adult age. In order to this potential to be developed during lifetime, several factors must be associated including appropriate nutrition. When alimentation is not appropriate and the nutrient supply is not enough, the body will use its storage. After some time, if the nutrient income continues insufficient, the lack of it will characterize malnutrition. When malnutrition is associated with breathing problems, as asthma, this condition is considered a high risk for health problems. The present study aimed to investigate the relation between malnutrition, asthma and oral functions characteristics in children. This is an analytic, descriptive and transversal research. A total of 120 children have participated of the study. The participants were male and female and aged between 5 to 10 years old. Participants were classified in 4 groups: 1) 30 children with appropriated nutrition and without asthma (NSA); 2) 30 children with appropriated nutrition and asthma (NCA); 3) 30 children with malnutrition and without asthma (DSA) e 4) 30 children with malnutrition and asthma (DCA). All children were assisted in public hospitals in Recife and Caruaru. Data was collected through an interview with childrens parents (or any relative responsible for the child). The interview contained questions about the child nutrition, factors related to asthma and aspects related to oral functions, as chewing, swallowing and speech. Furthermore, all children were submitted to an evaluation of their chewing, swallowing and speech functions. Results show that among children with malnutrition, lack of breast feeding scored higher. The group of children with both problems (malnutrition and asthma) showed more difficulty. It was also noticed in this group more alteration in lips posture during chewing. It can be concluded from the results that the association of malnutrition and asthma in children may increase the chances of problems related to feeding and stomatognathic functions.


asma fonoaudiologia stomatognathic system asthma malnutrition language and hearing sciences speech nutricao sistema estomatognático desnutrição

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