AssistÃncia JudiciÃria â UFU sua histÃria enquanto instituiÃÃo educativa: 1977-1987




The present study is result of our research concerning the history of the school institution called Judiciary Assistance (AssistÃncia JudiciÃria) of Federal University of UberlÃndia (Universidade Federal de UberlÃndia) - UFU, supported for the Law School "Prof. Jacy de Assis" since September 1st 1969. The Judiciary Assistance works like a nucleus of theoretical and practical formation for Law students. Although the existence of research and description-educational studies concerning the Law school, any reference to the history of the Judiciary Assistance exists but there are important and interesting facts during the period between 1977 and 1987 that they are worth a deeper study. After reviewing a vast array of documents that portray this period, our work involved cataloguing and interpreting these elements of the institutional memory. For in such a way we opt by Carlo GinzburgÂs paradigms method, that it considers a history study reconstruction, through of the joint interpretation of "myths", "emblems" and "signals" in different sources, but that they are complemented in the reconstruction of pertaining to a school memory. The data used for this work were founded in our own UFU Memory Center: General Archive and the Center of Historical Documentation and also in the Magazine of the Law School and the UberlÃndia`s city Public Archive. However the institution keeps its activities still; the analyzed period finishes in 1987 because after this time it had a big transformation and it would be necessary to study other areas. The educational and social importance of its work is clear because besides supporting students in their practical knowledge, the Judiciary Assistance also helps the UberlÃndia citizens with free legal services.


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