Assédio Moral: o Impacto dos Valores Organizacionais




This study aimed to analyze the connection among the values that guide the life of an organization as well as to notice the perception of bullying of its employees. For such purpose, it describes the bullying at work and organizational values and identifies the connection between them. The sample was made up of 234 employees of an automobile company located in Goiânia. The average of age was 32,66 years (SD= 10,13), and the majority of them were male (68.4%). The instruments of measurement were: Escala de Assédio Moral (Scale of Bullying) and Inventário de Valores Organizacionais (Organizational Values Inventory). The descriptive analysis showed that in the organization investigated, co-exist all organizational values and the values Hierarchy and Conservatism reached the highest scores (5.62 and 5.31 respectively). When it comes to noticing the perception of bullying on the demographics survey, only the gender and the intention of living the organization showed a positive score, being predominant the masculine sex to the feminine one in the perception of the bullying, with an average of 1.36 (SD = 0.39), and the intensity to leave the organization forward the intensity to not do it (average= 1,63; SD = 0,51). The results of correlation and the linear regression used to the analysis showed that the perception of bullying presented a negative link to the organizational value Egalitarianism to the employees.


valores organizacionais bullying at work psicologia organizational values assédio moral no trabalho

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