Aspects of Frank Lloyd Wrights organic architeture in the architeture of São Paulo: the work of José Leite de Carvalho e Silva / Aspectos da arquitetura orgânica de Frank Lloyd Wright na arquitetura paulista: a obra de José Leite de Carvalho e Silva




Previous studies have already highlighted the influence of organicism in Brazilian architecture, with emphasis on architecture from Sao Paulo. But the majority of research focuses on architects working in the city of Sao Paulo. The goal of this dissertation is to investigate the influence of Frank Lloyd Wrights organicism in the work of the architect Jose Leite de Carvalho e Silva, who works in the state of Sao Paulo, mainly in the region of Campinas. In this work, one tried, initially, to explain the principles of organic architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, highlighting the main aspects of his career and work. From that understanding, one sought to establish the possible links with the Brazilian architecture showing a general framework of modern architecture of Sao Paulo, highlighting architects whose works expressed a different projetual thought in the decades of 1940, 1950 and 1960. This period also covers the years of graduation, at FAU-USP, of the architect Carvalho e Silva, who graduated in 1956, and the beginning of his professional life. Then it presents the work of this architect, describing and analyzing some selected households. Although it is observed the influence of Frank Lloyd Wrights organic architecture in the works studied, it is important to note that other factors such as local conditions, individual work experience and works of other important architects also contributes on defining a personal characteristic architecture of all the architects cited in this research.


arquitetura paulista organicism josé leite de carvalho e silva organicismo architecture in são paulo josé leite de carvalho e silva

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