Aspectos psicológicos de obesos grau III antes e depois de cirurgia bariátrica. / Evaluation of psychological aspects of grade III obese patients before and after bariatric surgery.




Evaluates depression, anxiety, psychopathologic symptoms, alexithymia and defensive style of grade III obese patients, before and after bariatric surgery, as well as estimates the level of association among such variables. Methodological study design was correlational crosssectional type. 65 patients took part in the study (Group 1: surgical candidates vs. Group 2: postoperative patients), mainly females (92,3%), who answered the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), the Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI), the Symptoms Assessment Scale (EAS- 40), and the version in Portuguese of The Toronto Alexithymia Scale (TAS-26) and of the Defensive Style Questionnaire (DSQ-40). Gr 1 showed mild anxiety and depression levels and Gr 2 minimum level (respectively, p<0,001 e p<0,01). The total average score for EAS- 40 and F2 and F3 (obesity-compulsion and somatization) were higher in Gr 1 when compared to Gr 2 (repetitively, p<0,005, p<0,005 e p<0,001). On TAS, the total average score for F1 (ability to identify and describe feelings and distinguish them from bodily sensations) were higher in Gr 1 than in Gr 2 (respectively, p<0,01 e p<0,005). According to DSQ-40, there was a tendency for an immature defensive style in Gr 1 in comparison to Gr 2 (p<0,02). In relation to the association between the variables and BMI, the correlations were negative for Gr 1 and F2 of TAS (daydreaming, p <0,05) and for the mature factor of DSQ- 40 and Gr 2 (p <0,05), which shows a trend towards a more mature and adaptive style in Gr 2. Correlations were positive and significant in relation to immature defenses - acting out (Gr 1: p<0,005 and Gr 2: p<0,05) and in the autistic fantasy in Gr 1 (p<0,05). The results show the psychological status of the participants, who are apt for bariatric surgery and point to a decrease in psychopathological symptoms proportional to weight loss after surgery.


sintomas psicopatológicos psychopathological symptoms depression psicologia alexithymia severe obesity obesidade severa depressão alexitimia mecanismos de defesa defense mechanisms

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