Aspectos do enchimento da represa Paraitinga, sistema produtor Alto Tietê: zooplâncton e qualidade da água / Aspects of the filling of Paraitinga Reservoir, Sistema Produtor Alto Tietê: zooplankton and water quality




Due to rapid population growth, construction of dams has become indispensable to meet the demand of water needed to supply the entire population and to support the social and economic system. The transformation of a river in an artificial lake not only promotes positive effects, the practice changes permanently the environment in which it is inserted, with harmful and irreversible consequences. This study aimed to follow the filling process of Paraitinga Reservoir, which is part of the Sistema Produtor Alto Tietê (SPAT) and is linked to the water supply of Metropolitan Region of Sao Paulo, through changes in physical and chemical characteristics of the water, as well as changes in the structure and composition of the zooplankton community. The process of filling has not been so homogeneous and its rise was accompanied by high increases of the reservoir depth. It was found that this dam, though newly formed, is already showing some signs of impairment of water quality, such as high values of electrical conductivity. There was no depletion of oxygen in layers near the bottom, although many authors reported that during the filling, many of the reservoirs showed anoxic conditions of the deeper layers of water column. The zooplankton community structure was unstable throughout the studied period, and it was observed an alternation of the dominance of the groups. Nevertheless, there was marked predominance of rotifers. It was found that the process of filling had not caused a dilution effect on the physical and chemical variables, but that changes in the velocity of the process has influenced fluctuations of the numerical density of the zooplankton.


sistema produtor alto tietê (spat) water quality represa paraitinga qualidade da Água zooplâncton sistema produtor alto tietê (spat) enchimento de reservatórios zooplankton filling phase paraitinga reservoir

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