AS VARIEDADES NO JORNALISMO BRASILEIRO / The varieties in brazilian journalism




What does it characterize the variety journalism in brazilian press? What does it give an identity to supplements and culture sections of newspapers that focus the leisure and cover or deal with entertainment? May it be the journalism genres and formats? Or may it be the subject matter? What are the models to understand how the agendas of culture and entertainment have been appropriate by the newspaper edited in the country? In order to give answers to these questions, we observed systematically the form, the content and the routines of five regional newspaper Diário do Nordeste, Correio do Povo, Valeparaibano, Agora São Paulo and Gazeta do Tatuapé besides a newspaper of national influence Folha de S.Paulo. Choosing mixed methods of research quantitative and qualitative the investigation charts, besides the genre, the political geography, the cultural mapping and the themes of existing materials in the spaces before mentioning in order to establishing comparisons. The results show a diversity of productions that respects the singularities of each region in which they are inserted. In general, we can say that in the editorship of varieties there are as common subjects to the cultural journalism music, visual arts, arts, movies, and so on. As subjects about television attractions, celebrities, behavior tendencies and other subjects referring to entertainment, occupying significant space in newspaper pages. As a reflection of the preference of media for journalism turned back to the cultural industry and to the media shows, the mass culture showed predominant in all analyzed publications. Nevertheless, even the emphasis of variety journalism, it is in the entertainment that spatiality does not characterize itself as a product of entertainment, what it does is to guide how and where to have fun. Not by chance, it was found that the journalism genres, the subject in question, with few exceptions, are circumscribed to information and utility. Much more than to create culture and entertainemnt, the varieties fulfill the role of leisure guide.(AU)


jornalismo de variedades gêneros jornalísticos cultura midiática entretenimento imprensa brasileira comunicacao variety journalism journalistic genres media culture entertainment brazilian press

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